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Why Alpha Corp

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"Our emphasis is on selecting individuals for their attitude and not only aptitude. As in the Army, the saying goes, "there are no good or bad regiments; however, there are, good officers and bad officers". We believe, this applies to the corporate domain as well."

Col. R. S. (PICKLES) Sodhi – Managing Director

Alpha Corp takes pride in nurturing long-lasting and fruitful relationships with its employees and provides independence and the resources necessary to work to one's fullest potential. The company's core value of Respect for People extends meaningfully to the employees and serves as a foundation of its relationship with them.

Proactive Human Resource management systems manage and facilitate recruitment, training and incentives for employees and the company's world-class policies attract the best minds to build highly motivated teams across the organization.

The quality of people recruited has contributed greatly to a culture, which actively encourages teamwork, excellence and complete participation. Employees are empowered to grow through equal opportunity, training, mentoring and guidance towards a planned career path. A structured plan is put in place to help set career path goals for employees that reinforce the company's core values.

The management is very proactive in nurturing talent and encourages the creation of a performance driven and quality focused 'people's organization' through reward and recognition programs. There is a strong emphasis on training to keep employees abreast of global trends, practices and quality standards while also ensuring simultaneous personal growth and development through empowerment.

Our passionate and highly motivated work pool continues to thrive and excel, setting new standards in their respective fields, be it customer service or construction management, they are challenging the norms, innovating, evolving and helping us succeed every day.

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