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An Overview

An Overview

Customer Focused
Formed in 2003, we started off as an abiding vision of five professionals aspiring to create a professionally and ethically managed real estate development company. In an environment where the sector was viewed with suspicion and flouting of norms was rampant, our steadfastness in sustaining industry best practices have helped us differentiate ourselves in an otherwise increasingly over- crowded market. Over the years, we have succeeded in building an unparalleled reputation that rests firmly on a value-driven, customer-centric approach; transparent systems and processes that ensure accountability of the highest order.

Our diversified real estate portfolio includes Condominiums, Integrated Townships, Corporate Offices, Retail City Centers and Industrial Parks. In the development of landmark properties, we leverage our significant asset-base, knowledge of real estate, prowess in product design, development capabilities, active capital management strategies and cost effective maintenance of our asset-base. Our extensive market network to develop real estate products and services is an invaluable asset for us and a boon to our stakeholders.

Tribute To Our Mentor: Sudhir Mulji
Alpha-Corp can be traced from Great Eastern Shipping Company and its Vice Chairman, Mr. Sudhir Mulji, who was a multi-dimensional personality - a renowned economist, successful businessman, sportsman, columnist, chairman of India's State Trading Corporation, a generous host and an affectionate friend. He was married to the charming and ever gracious Rosaleen of the Guinness family.

Mr. Sudhir Mulji, was the visionary who envisaged, the future growth of Real Estate, lay in the corporatization of this sector. He successfully incorporated it in 1993, at Mumbai; and insisted that Col. Pickles Sodhi, his equestrian guru, should commence and build GE Shipping's real estate division in North India, in 1994.

Mr. Mulji had all the attributes and guts that drive entrepreneurs to venture into new territories. He gave the 'Carte Blanche' to PICKLES, imploring him to build a real estate team, which would imbibe the ethos of GE Shipping….'Integrity and Excellence'. This team in its entirety, subsequently gave birth to AlphaCorp, with Mr. Mulji as its first chairman.

Mr. Mulji had a warm and large heart, always prepared to back his instincts and his team, in which he had implicit trust. He was a MAN OF ACTION, AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN.

Business Model
Established in 2003, Alpha Corp Development Private Limited is one of the fastest growing professional companies in the Indian real estate industry. Our business model entails undertaking of projects through Acquisitions, Joint Venture Developments as well as Development and Real Estate Asset Management (REAM), a practice that we as a company have pioneered in India.

Our business models cover every possible aspect: a feasibility study at the design stage followed by land procurement, documentation for permissions and licenses, concept development, marketing, sales, construction and the process of handing over with ongoing post-sales service. Whether it is the acquisition of land, the appointment of an architect, the choice of material or the execution of a marketing plan, each and every process follows the collective sensibility garnered over decades of experience by the team at Alpha Corp.

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